Past School Stories
Ei !! Coola
Enoch Commey - Author (5/2/2008)

I quite remember one time during an Economics class with our Econs tutor Mr Odoom aka-Coola. He mentioned the name of one boy in the class(Seth Apaah) who happened to be stammerer. Apparently, all members of the class dragged on the "Apaah" when calling him; so it sounded like "Apaaaah" Due to this everyone got used to calling him that though he didn't like it.

So when Coola called him, he stood up and said:" Ppppplllllleeeeeeeaassssseeee ssssssiiiiir  mmmmmmmy  nnnnnnnnammmme iiiiiiiis nnnnnnnooot Aaaaaappppppppaaaaaaaaaah"

Coola responded by saying: Heh!!! whether your name is Apa, Eper or Epew...shut up and sit down we are not doing phonetics over here."

You can imagine the laughter in the class.....     

Jan 26 2009   emmanuel nutsugah  
Oct 20 2008   Ivory Osei  

very funny

May 04 2008   FRANCIS OSABUTEY  
Something similar happened in ma elective maths class.i will post it later

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